Does Hypnosis Work?   Testimonials

my experience with sandy was both amazing physically and metaphysically!  I have suffered from chronic migraines for years and they were becoming increasingly more frequent and debilitating.  I have also suffered from poor health due to a deficiency with my immune system.  My health and wellness were my main reasons for seeking out help with qhht, but I also had some very personal and profound questions I needed answered.

my experience was very pleasant in Sandy's office.  I felt immediately comfortable and very much at home. she spent quite some time going through the process with me.  after the hypnosis part of my session was completed, I came back to full awareness feeling very refreshed and relaxed.  I was very enthusiastic with the results of my session but the true test would be in the weeks to come.

it has been eight months now and for the first time in a decade I have not had a single migraine!!!  I am overjoyed by this experience and the results.  I would recommend qhht with sandy to anyone whether you are dealing with health and wellness issues or you have a need to know your own truths.  My deepest thanks and love to sandy Neville.         ......Allison davis

I cannot say enough regarding my hypnosis session with sandy.  powerful beyond my highest expectations!  I have been a student of metaphysics for several years which includes experiencing several past life regressions.  the Quantum healing hypnosis therapy is by far the most effective method I have experienced.  time is no object; sandy spent as much time as needed to help me achieve my healings. this method is the most gentle and elegant method of self-exploration I have ever encountered.  healing of the mind, body, and soul can be completely accomplished in one session.  Thank you, sandy for a truly life changing opportunity!    .....Debbie logan

I had a wonderful session with sandy with amazing results!  she was able to help me with a debilitating fear that had been holding me back in starting my new career.  I could not get around this irrational fear no matter how I approached it.  the regression therapy revealed the root cause of the fear and it was healed like it had never existed.  for lack of better words, it just dissolved and was gone!!  I felt totally set free and was able to move forward in this important area of my life.  her manner was gentle and sensitive, and I felt very relaxed and safe with her guidance.  also, the root causes behind some other health issues I had experienced were accurately dealt with and removed.  Sandy is very gifted and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to resolve health issues in their life.       .....dana conner