Hypnosis Training and qhht

Dedicated practitioner of Dolores Cannon's Quantum Healing hypnosis Technique


preparing for a session

Quantum healing hypnosis technique or qhht is a form of hypnosis created by Dolores cannon. each hypnosis session is uniquely centered on whatever it is you are meant to receive.  the next question I am often asked is "what is quantum healing?"  The answer...unlimited possibilities in the way, speed and completeness that a person can experience healing on the physical, mental and spiritual levels.  this is one of the most exciting aspects of qhht.  your whole self or higher self knows exactly what it is that you need and it is prompting you to step out in faith that it will be there to meet you and communicate with you.

by taking you through a past life regression (I like to think of these as watching a movie clip and/or being a character), we are able to take you into a deep state of relaxation.  Yes, I use the word we, as I am assisted by my many guides, angels and my whole self.  the purpose of visiting the past life is to gain wisdom into some aspect of what you are going through in this life.  you do not need to understand the "movie clip".  it will all be explained to you by your whole self when we get to that part.

it is when I am having a conversation with your whole self that the questions you brought with you are answered and the healing work is done. sometimes your whole self will give you suggestions of homework to do to assist your healing but often the healing is done instantly. miracles are and everyday occurrence in my work.

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here are some important key things to consider.

1- I am the facilitator assisting you in your healing.  all of the healing is done by you through your whole self, the part of you that is always connected to god or source or creator.

2-setting the intention to connect with your whole self is important.  if you constantly question your ability to be hypnotized, you are programing yourself to have a difficult time.  tell yourself often "I connect easily with my whole self".

3-make two lists of questions you wish to ask.  on one list write down any medical questions.  on another list write down all other questions.  your whole self already knows everything that your soul has ever done in this lifetime and in all the other lifetimes you have ever lived or will live.  all questions are valid, ask anything you like.  

4-plan ahead. an average session takes 3-5 hours so plan accordingly. The hypnosis part is about two hours long.

5-this is a private session.  no other person is allowed to be present during your session.  you will receive a recording of your session before you leave.

let's start the adventure and see where it goes. shall we.?