I am often asked how I ended up in Oklahoma.  it is my belief that I was divinely transplanted here to work with the earth energy in the southwestern united states area.

my journey has been an incredible story.  apparently I love puzzles as I had, before I came to earth, set up a series of puzzle pieces for me to discover  to bring me to the point I am at today.  one of the phrases that would play over and over in my mind was "how do you know where you are going if you don't know where you came from?"  I set out on a journey to answer that question and although I have traveled down many roads, it wasn't until I had my first quantum healing hypnosis technique (qhht) session that I found my answer.

I am now a certified Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique practitioner assisting others on their journey.  every soul or spirit's journey is different, unique and some are definitely more challenging than others.  what I have come to know and understand is that what we perceive on the surface is only a very small part of who we are, why we are here and what we are doing.  The phrase "nothing is ever as it seems!" holds true in my work.

I love helping people find the root cause to the problems they are having and watching as they heal themselves through the power of their whole self. (the part that is always connected to god, or source, or creator).  in a session we can ask any questions you have about relationships, financial issues, career choices, health or emotional issues, or any unusual events that you just can't seem to make sense of.  nothing is beyond the possibilities with this form of hypnosis.  During a qhht session there are no limitations except for the limits of your own imagination.  I believe hypnosis is one of the most effective non-invasive healing methods in the  world today.

welcome to whole self spirit journey- quantum healing hypnosis technique

your Hypnotist


My name is Sandy Neville and I live on an acreage outside of Lawton, oklahoma.  I would say that I had the typical childhood experience of growing up on a grain farm in a rural community in central Alberta, Canada.

however as a little girl, I remember always pretending  to be a native American Indian princess.  I was obsessed with this for a few years until it finally faded away  and I began to have other experiences.  one of my most vivid memories is having a conversation with god.  I had a knowing that I carried the Christ, but to a young preteen girl, this idea really did not make any sense.  it wasn't until nearly 30 years later I came to understand I was born with the "Christ consciousness", that part of my mission is to bring Light and love into a world that was in need of assistance.